Energy consumers

In the following informational guides you can find information about the legislation in force and the rights of consumers in relation to the energy market, as well as the pathways available to consumers for resolving conflicts in the event of a dispute.

The CNMC does not have any authority to resolve complaints or claims made by energy consumers. In the informational guides for consumers of electricity and natural gas you can find information about the competent bodies and the steps to follow for submitting a claim or complaint, depending upon the type of contract and the Autonomous Community where the supplier is located.





Prices for sale of fuels to the public at service stations

The prices for fuels being sold at service stations in Spain can be viewed at website of the Ministerio de Transición Ecológica y del Reto Demográfico.

Home for comparison tool

home del comparador

We have an application available that allows consumers to view and compare the various offers available on the market for supplying natural gas and electricity.

It is mainly useful if you are a domestic or SME consumer, since it includes natural gas offers for consumers supplied with up to 4 bar of pressure included within the regulated rates, and electricity offers for medium-voltage consumers, both with and without discrimination of prices based on time slots.

This tool is designed to facilitate comparison of prices and services from natural gas and electricity offers available on the market, in a simple and personalised manner based upon consumption volume and geographic location. 

Electricity bill simulator

home del simulador

We have an electricity bill simulator for supply sources adhering to the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer system (PVPC in Spanish), and last-resort bills for vulnerable consumers. 

To use the simulator, just enter the information appearing on your bill: meter reading start and end dates, power, and contracted access rates, consumption recorded during the period in question, and if applicable, whether you are receiving the social assistance credit. The tool will then display the total amount of the bill. . 

If you have a smart meter effectively integrated into your system, you must attach the file with your hourly consumption data, which you can download from your distributor's website. At the simulator site you will find a link to a list of distributors and their web addresses.  

You can use this tool to check your bill as long as you have a contracted power of 10 kW less and you are being supplied by a major vendor at the “variable PVPC” rate.