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One of our primary objectives is the systematic defence and promotion of economic efficiency in the traditional sectors as well as in new ones, as a means of increasing the well-being of consumers.

Advocacy Recommendations - 2017

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02 Dec 2019

68th Meeting of Working Party No 2 on Competition and Regulation

05 Jun 2019

131st Meeting of the Competition Committee

03 Jun 2019

67th Meeting of Working Party No 2 on Competition and Regulation

01 Mar 2019

Promotion of compliance policies from an advocacy perspective

28 Feb 2019

Public intervention and transport services in Spain

28 Feb 2019

The CNMC Advocacy Strategy

30 Sep 2018

CNMC Contribution on the implications of digitization for competition policy

13 Jul 2018

CNMC response to ACM Inquiry into market studies in the financial services sector

28 Nov 2016

INNOVATION AND COMPETITION IN LAND TRANSPORT. OECD 62nd meeting of the Working Part No. 2 on Competition and Regulation on 28 November 2016.

10 Nov 2016

Advocacy Recommendations - 2017

05 Aug 2016

CNMC's comments on CMA's market study into the provision of legal services

01 Jun 2016

Consulta pública sobre la evaluación de la Directiva 2007/59/EC sobre la certificación de los maquinistas de locomotoras y trenes en el sistema ferroviario de la Comunidad

11 Mar 2016

Innovación disruptiva: Retos en la aplicación de la ley de Competencia y oportunidades para la promoción de la competencia

27 Dec 2015

Public consultation on the regulatory environment for platforms, online intermediaries, data and cloud computing and the collaborative economy

02 Sep 2015

Session II - Measuring Competition Advocacy's Impact in Latin America and the Caribbean

21 Aug 2015

Session III - Competition Issues in the Groceries Sector: Focus on Conduct

21 Aug 2015

Sesión II - Midiendo el impacto de la Abogacía de la competencia en América Latina y el Caribe

19 Aug 2015

Sesión III - Cuestiones de competencia en el sector de la venta de productos de alimentación: Prestando atención a la conducta empresarial

27 Jul 2015

CNMC´s comments on FTC public call on sharing economy