Promoting Competition

We promote competition and efficient economic regulation through education and dissemination. We do this by producing studies, reports on regulations, guides, and recommendations. We bring legal challenges to remove barriers to effective competition in the markets when these are established by regulations. 


Studies and Guides

We analyse the functioning of a sector or field of economic activity from the perspective of competition and efficient economic regulation, proposing recommendations that promote greater competition in the markets in a manner aligned with the public interest.


We produce reports as part of our consultation functions. Reports on Draft Regulations (IPN in Spanish) regarding new regulatory proposals; Reports (INF in Spanish) on actions not strictly related to regulations (for example, a report on a competitive public tender); or officially commissioned reports such as those in the category of Proposals (PRO in Spanish).

Public Assistance

We analyse the effects of public assistance on effective competition in the market, performing one-off analyses and ex-ante and ex-post assessments. We also compile and publish statistical data that contributes to education and publication of best practices that respect competition and efficient economic regulation, all without prejudice to the authorities granted to Spain's national and regional authorities on the subject of central government assistance.

Legal Challenges 5.4 Barriers to competition

Allows acts of the Public Administrations as well as general provisions ranking below the level of law to be challenged before the courts, whenever obstacles are derived from these in relation to effective competition in the markets.

Economic Reports on Legal Challenges

We analyse the restrictions on competition that we challenge within the scope of our authority to bring legal actions, including evaluation of the effects of these and, on some occasions, quantification of the losses being caused to the well-being of consumers.

Working Documents on Policies Related to Competition and Regulation

Empirical economic research in the areas of competition and regulation, with the ultimate goal of strengthening Spanish policy in relation to these subjects.


Promotion of competition and economic efficiency at the international level is one measure we apply in order to improve the well-being of the consumer. This promotion takes place for the traditional sectors as well as for the new digital economy, and it includes our presence and participation at specialised international forums.

Consultation with the Public

We subject a variety of general-interest issues to the public for consultation and feedback.

Recommendations for Public Supply Functions

Decisions taken in this area must be founded on a basis of respect for the principle of free competition, with the purpose of obtaining maximum efficiency during execution of public spending. This authority produces recommendations for improvement from this perspective, in terms of the type of supply functions carried out as well as design and development of the procedures to be followed.


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