Our functions include the promotion of effective competition in the markets by producing studies and research-based works on the subject of competition. In some cases, we also produce general reports on individual sectors, including proposals for liberalisation, deregulation, or regulatory modifications.

The studies analyse the situation for a specific sector or field of economic activity, from a perspective focused on competition and efficient economic regulation. They combine an examination of the regulatory framework with analysis of the market structure, the behaviour and incentives of the operators involved, and the conditioning economic factors for the sector or sectors analysed.

Their purpose is to generate recommendations directed towards public administrations or other stakeholders operating in the sector, in order to promote competition and obtain more efficient economic results that, in a manner aligned with the public interest, provide benefits for consumers, businesses, and government entities.



The methodologies produce a systematic set of procedures, guidelines, and actions that must be followed in order to achieve an objective or carry out a research study. As a means of guidance, the methodologies include a list of tasks or actions that the CNMC or other economic operators must perform, as well as a sequence or order of execution for these, the durations for the various actions, a description of the ultimate goal to be achieved during each phase, and a series of recommendations or best practices that must be complied with. This represents an effort to systematise the procedures, techniques, and actions required in order to achieve a specific objective, such as the production of a study.

Metodología (Español)

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Methodology (English)

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Suggestions on new ideas for market studies to the Department of Competition Advocacy

Market studies are one of the most widely instruments in competition advocacy (see Article 5.1.h of the Act 3/2013 of 4 June 2013 creating the National Markets and Competition Commission). You can see here all market studies carried out by the CNMC hitherto. Should you wish to suggest new ideas to the Market Studies Unit, you can do so through this link.



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