We coordinate the proposals, which are escalated to the Council in reports on draft regulations.

This work, which involves advising public administrations that are proposing new regulations or regulatory changes, takes place systematically, with a focus on promoting effective competition and encouraging efficient economic regulation. It includes activities performed while exercising the consultation functions, with the category of Reports on Draft Regulations (IPN in Spanish) regarding new regulatory proposals; or Reports (INF in Spanish) on actions not strictly related to regulations (for example, a report on a competitive public tender); or officially commissioned reports such as those in the category of Proposals (PRO in Spanish).

This section includes all actions coordinated by this Department at the request of an entity proposing regulations, in the category of Reports on Draft Regulations (IPN in Spanish) when concerning regulatory actions, or else in the category of Reports (INF in Spanish) when the subject of the analysis is activities that are not strictly regulatory (for example, a report on a competitive public tender). These also include actions or Proposals (PRO in Spanish) approved by the CNMC's Council, which by virtue of its independence, are considered as suitable for transfer to the administration and to be subjected to the public opinion with respect to the CNMC's position in relation to the proposal, given the implications for effective competition and efficient economic regulation.

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