We oversee proper functioning of the audiovisual communication market


Control of Content

We ensure that audiovisual content complies with legislation on the subject of protection of minors, advertising, and accessibility.

Promotion of European works

We monitor compliance by audiovisual communication service providers with the obligation for advance funding and broadcasting of European works.

Public service mission – Spanish Radio and TV (CRTVE in Spanish)

We oversee compliance with the public service mission assigned to CRTVE, as well as appropriate use of public resources allocated for this.

Reports and queries

We produce reports on draft regulations and we respond to regulatory queries posed by the agents.


We resolve disputes among the agents involved in the audiovisual communication markets, including those related to granting of radio and television channels and access to sport stadiums and facilities.

Sanctions and complaints resolved

We resolve sanctioning cases and reports related to violations of the regulations.


We make requests to audiovisual communication services providers to cease practices that violate regulations.

Cooperation with autonomous communities

We consider it essential to reinforce and promote collaboration with the various authorities that have been given competency in the area of audiovisual communications in Spain's autonomous communities.

International activities

We actively participate in the various international forums (European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Service, Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities, Iberian Conference for Councils on Audiovisual Services , Ibero-American Platform for Audiovisual Regulators)

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