Promotion of European works

Audiovisual communications must reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of the citizens. In close connection with this right, we oversee and monitor compliance by providers of audiovisual communication services with two types of obligations, which both have the purpose of encouraging and promoting productions by the European and Spanish audiovisual industries.

Obligation for advance funding for production of European works (article 5.3 of Law 7/2010 of 31 March, General Law on Audiovisual Communication)..

Providers subject to this obligation must contribute to advance funding of European production of certain audiovisual works, applying 5% of their revenues accrued during the previous year, based upon their operating account (6% for publicly owned providers).

A portion of this percentage is dedicated to cinematographic films, and within these, for productions in any of the official languages in Spain and for works by independent producers.

Obligation for annual broadcasting of European works (article 5.2 of Law 7/2010 of 31 March, General Law on Audiovisual Communication).

Television providers must reserve 51% of their annual broadcasting time from their programming schedules to European works, and 10% to European works by independent producers. This broadcasting time will be calculated by excluding any time dedicated to information, sporting events, gaming, advertising, teletext services, and televised shopping.

In turn, providers of catalogues of programmes or television services must, upon request, reserve 30% of the catalogue for European works, and out of this reserved amount, half must be in one of the official languages of Spain.

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