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We issue reports on multiple aspects related to the energy sector, with highlights including reports on proposed energy regulations and standards.

We respond to queries on the subject of energy when these are presented by consumers, operators, and Spain's autonomous communities, and we produce reports on cases of authorisation or compensation for facilities. 

We produce reports on supervision of the electricity, natural gas, and liquid hydrocarbon markets.

We issue resolutions on various aspects when required to do so by energy sector regulations, including among others resolutions on authorisation for acquisition of shares, resolutions on inclusion of facilities in the compensation regimen, and resolutions on primary and dominant operators.

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We issue circulars for the development and implementation of energy regulations, in the aspects considered in article 7 of Law 3/2013, as well as others in development and enforcement of laws, royal decrees and ministerial orders that are approved in relation to the energy sector, provided that these provisions enable us expressly to do so.

We also issue circulars for information requests, for development of supervisory and control roles in the energy sector.

The CNMC circulars are issued following a hearing procedure and with economic efficiency, transparency, objectivity, and non-discrimination criteria, and are binding for those affected by their scope of application, once published in the “Official State Gazette”.

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Decisiones Jurídicamente Vinculantes

En aplicación del artículo 8.2.k) del Estatuto Orgánico de la Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y de la Competencia, aprobado por Real Decreto 657/2013, de 30 de agosto, la CNMC puede adoptar, respecto a los sectores de electricidad y gas natural, decisiones jurídicamente vinculantes en las materias de su competencia.



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