Better regulation

Competition can be distorted by inefficient regulation. We analyze regulation across all markets and economic sectors to eliminate unjustified restrictions to competition which are harmful to general welfare. We do this through market studies, regulatory reports and legal challenges before Courts on regulations that unduly impair competition.

Market Studies

We analyze a given sector or activity or a wider horizontal competition issue concerning different sectors. We try to raise (non-binding) proposals to Public Administrations or to other stakeholders in order to promote competition and general welfare.

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We make recommendations on legislative and regulatory proposals (so-called IPN reports) and on administrative acts from the government, regulators and public bodies (so-called INF reports). Our reports and recommendations also aim to improve actual regulation and foster competition thanks to a good legal framework (so-called PRO reports). Our advocacy tasks stress that a better and more efficient regulation is vital for consumer welfare.

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Legal Challenges

We have the power to file contentious-administrative appeals against any legal ruling (ranking below the level of law) or administrative act that introduce restrictions to competition in the markets. We analyze the effects of the challenged regulations in expert Economic Reports.

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Public Consultations

We seek the active involvement of stakeholders in an exercise of transparency and accountability. This is done through public consultations, where we collect relevant information and opinions in order to improve our work.

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Working Papers

We carry out economic research in the areas of competition and regulation to spark the debate in order to improve the functioning of markets, for the sake of the general interest. This kind of documents do not necessarily reflect the official views of CNMC (since they have not been formally endorsed by its Board).