Postal Directive Committee

For regulation of the postal sector, the European Commission is assisted by a committee made up of the national regulatory authorities in the EU.

In 2015 we participated in this committee's activities on two occasions, at meetings that were primarily focused on one occasion on the public consultation process that the Committee had launched regarding cross-border delivery of packages from e-commerce in the EU, within the framework of the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy, and on the other occasion regarding the Report on application of the Postal Directive.

At this meeting held in December, we presented our Report on application of the Postal Directive, an econometric study on cross-border delivery of packages derived from e-commerce (both were subsequently published), and a series of initiatives on the postal sector within the framework of the DSM: voluntary agreements among operators such as the Interconnect Programme, standardisation projects, an online platform to address the deficit of information for small online vendors, and other measures to improve the transparency of information on prices.

In the coming months the European Commission's priorities regarding the postal sector will shift to approval of regulations on cross-border package deliveries in the EU and to the start-up of its price transparency measures, which are expected to facilitate development of the Digital Single Market. These transparency measures require the involvement of the national regulatory authorities. In general, the attention will be focused on the package delivery segment, although oversight of competition in the letters segment will not be negatively affected, nor will monitoring of public assistance to operators designated to provide the Universal Postal Service.


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