European Competition Day

The conference will be live-streamed

Welcome to the European Competition Day (ECD). The event will take place at CNMC headquarters in Barcelona, on Tuesday 17 October.

The ECD is a conference held during each Presidency of the Council of the European Union that is attended by the European competition authorities, the European Commission, ministries and other guests and experts in the field of competition policy.

During our ECD, we will have the opportunity to delve into compelling and relevant topics such as:

  • On the first panel, the interaction between competition and regulation, specifically covering the implementation of the DMA.

  • On the second panel, a thorough analysis of the risks posed to competition in the markets by new technologies. The focus will be placed on artificial intelligence and how competition authorities conceive it for their purposes along with a discussion about new detection tools that this technology ushers in.

The conference will be live-streamed.