We are responsible for oversight to ensure that the Resolutions/Agreements on the subject of competition are being complied with, so that these do not become merely expensive theoretical statements with little actual usefulness.

This oversight is the set of actions carried out for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the obligations (conditions, commitments, sanctions) adopted by the Council in order to preserve or establish competition in markets where it is possibly being lost or negatively affected.

Failure to comply with the Resolutions/Agreements adopted is considered to be a very serious violation of the Law on Defence of Competition, and any business that is failing to comply can be sanctioned with fines of up to 10% of its total turnover during the fiscal year prior to the one during which the fine is imposed. This is independent of the imposition of coercive fines of up to €12,000 per day, which have the purpose of forcing compliance with the contents of the resolution, and in cases of violation of the conditions/commitments to which a concentration has been subjected, reversal of the concentration may even be ordered.