Resolution of disputes

We are the body to which the railway undertakings can take recourse in cases of disagreement with the access conditions established by the railway infrastructure managers or service operators. In particular, and in relation to ADIF and ADIF Alta Velocidad, we resolve disputes in relation to:

  • The contents and application of the Statement on the Network
  • The procedures for awarding capacity in the results of these
  • The amount, structure, and application of railway taxes and charges
  • Any discriminatory treatment regarding access to the infrastructure elements or services related to these
  • Provision of services along the railway corridors. 

We also resolve claims that may be submitted by railway undertakings in relation to their relationships with the operators of railway service installations. In particular, this includes discrepancies in relation to refusal to allow access to such infrastructure elements as well as in relation to provision of complementary and auxiliary services, when it appears as though the principle of non-discrimination has been violated.