Legal challenges of acts and provisions contrary to market unity: article 27 of the Law on Ensuring Market Unity

The administrative claim process found in article 26 of the Law on Ensuring Market Unity is related to the special appeal that we are able to submit in defence of market unity. It is typical for operators that have their claim under article 26 of the Law dismissed, will then ask us to submit the special appeal. This appeal can be directed against any administrative ruling, action, or provision, as well as against inactivity or actions outside the scope of authority, when these are contrary to the Law on Insuring Market Unity.

Spain's National Court is the competent body to consider this appeal. Although the legitimation is exclusively assigned to the CNMC, the operator can also be included as an appellant party.

The Law allows brief periods for the appeal proceedings, along with the possibility of obtaining automatic suspension of the ruling or provision that we are challenging.

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