Oversight of the procedures for public consultation applicable to airport charge modifications

We supervise the public consultation procedure for the 5-year Airport Regulation Document (DORA in Spanish) as well as the procedure for consultation on annual charge updates.

In relation to this and to the procedure for consultations on DORA, we ensure that the DORA Proposal that Aena submits to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC in Spanish) has been subjected to the procedure for transparency and consultation regulated by article 24 of Law 18/2014. In particular, we ensure that the information provided to the airlines has been sufficient in order to assess the proposal, including the expected values for the operational and financial variables at the major airports. We are able to issue Resolutions establishing the information that must be exchanged during the consultation procedure and the stakeholders that must be admitted during the process.

Also, in reference to the consulting procedure for annual updating of the charges, we supervise the consulting procedure that Aena must carry out with the airline company representatives at least once each year, as well as in all other cases when airport charges are modified, regarding the functioning of the charge system and its modifications and updates. And this especially in regard to proper determination and application of the IMAAJ and maintenance of the required quality levels. During this procedure, in addition to exchanging sufficient information, the perspectives expressed by the users must be considered and decisions must be justified in cases where there are disagreements.