Areas of activity

La CNMC ejerce su labor de supervisión, análisis y regulación de la competencia efectiva actuando sobre múltiples ámbitos y mercados.



We oversee proper functioning of the audiovisual communication market.



We preserve and guarantee the existence of effective competition in the markets throughout Spain, since this is fundamental for proper functioning of a free market economy and for the well-being of consumers.



We defend effective competition, objectivity, and transparency in the operation of the energy systems, for the benefit of consumers and other agents operating in these sectors.



We work to guarantee, preserve, and promote proper functioning of the postal sector for the benefit of consumers and end users.


Competition Advocacy

We advocate better regulation across all markets and economic sectors and we disseminate the culture of competition.



We ensure proper functioning of the electronic communications markets by establishing obligations for operators and then overseeing compliance with these, while also resolving disputes among agents on the market.



We promote proper functioning of the airport and railway markets by overseeing the conditions applied for access to infrastructure, in particular airport charges and railway taxes.


Market unity

We ensure free access to, exercise of, and expansion of economic activities throughout the national territory and ensure that there is adequate oversight.